Top 10 Interracial Dating Sites

Review of

One thing that certainly seems next to impossible is finding successful dates with someone from a different race. For a long time, the stigma between blacks and whites has stalled many interracial dates.

With time the stigma is breaking, and interracial dating and relationships are increasingly gaining acceptance. BlackandWhiteSingles have taken the lead in connecting people looking for interracial dates.

It was specifically designed to accommodate interracial singles seeking new relationship with singles of a different race. This site gives its users the freedom to choose who to begin a relationship with, no matter the race. And isn’t this what everyone wants?

Besides, black and white singles occasionally partner with affiliate websites listing singles looking for similar qualities, this ensures you get the real value for money. However, read below to find out whether this site is worth spending your time on.


  • Upload photos to show how you look
  • View other member’s hot photos
  • In site email system
  • Video connect with other members
  • Save searches
  • Message board to respond to conversation
  • Send flirts and smiles to express interest


Several thousands of members

With over 20 years in the business, it claims to have several thousands of members from different races. Thus it could be a good place for beginners to start hunting for their potential partners from other races.

Easy to perform searches

Searching for ideal partners is easy because the “Save Search” function allow you to review previous searches quickly.


Slow web page

Blackandwhitesingles seem to offer exciting features, but the site is almost unusable. It doesn’t matter which browser you’re using or the speed of the internet, this web page loads very slowly.

Most features don’t work

The webcam and meet up features seem like they are just descriptions to entice members, but they are not in operation.

Does not give the real value of money

Although the site offers incredibly low prices to become a VIP, you don’t get the real value of your money. First, they don’t give a trial period to test whether the options will be viable for you. Perhaps that’s why their prices are very low.

Few chances of securing a date

While the site claims to host several thousands of members, it loads slowly, and most of them are not online for long. As such, it is not easy to meet your ideal match here.

Low-quality profiles

The site asks basic information of new users joining. Also, the quality of photos uploaded is poor, and this makes the search and filter options ineffective when looking for possible dates.


You can join for free and become a standard member. However, value goes with price, so you will get what you pay for. Therefore as a standard member, you’ll have limited access to the sites features.

You came here with a purpose and to achieve this; you may consider upgrading your membership to VIP. There are different categories of membership contracts so you’ll choose one that fit within your budget.

  • 1 month at $20
  • 3 months at $8.33 per month
  • 6 months at $5.99 per month
  • 9 months at $4.99 per month
  • 1 year at $3.99 per year

Summary can be a good place for beginners. However, if you are seriously looking for an ideal match; this is not the place to throw your hard earned bucks at. Even the VIP packages don't offer much as you could expect.

It seems this site targets unsuspicious beginners who will pay their VIP subscription fees and after that get frustrated until they unsubscribe. Most of the features on the website are out of operation, and lack of successful testimonials compromise its credibility.

If it was founded in 1996 as it claims, much ought to have been done to improve this website. Since the overall quality of the site has lagged behind for over 2 decades, I can't recommend you to join.