What is making Interracial Relationships popular among the people?

Are you planning to get involved in Interracial Dating? Or do you have friends around you who love to get associated with a person from another race? Interracial relationships are growing really fast these days. Though it has been less than 50 years where black women can marry white men and vice-versa, it has become much popular than some years ago. During 1987, out of the entire population of Americans, only 13% approved of the mixed dating and marriage. That grew to 56% by the end of 2009. A lot of the younger generation said that they were perfectly comfortable with a family member dating a black person. It has even been quoted by the famous psychologist Albert Bandura - "Symbolic communication influences human thought, affect, and action."

The trend of mixed dating has been rising since the 1960s, which was when the US federal government made it legal to marry a person from another race. There are a lot of benefits in even dating a person from another ethnicity or race. It makes you grow into a better and more understanding person as compared to the ones around you.

The percentage of black women dating white men and vice-versa, which also eventually even leads to marriage has increased tremendously over the years. Some years ago the proportion of the mixed race marriages was 9%, and it has risen to 15% now. And according to experts, it would increase a lot more in the coming years. One of the reasons for its growth is due to the African American women rebelling against the social stigmas of interracial weddings. According to many black women, they are marrying out of their race due to less educated and successful men in their race. And yes, there are more educated black women than black men in the United States currently. Though the marriages of African American men with white women have been on a still for a while, which is why it is not included in the statistics here. But if we include the African American men who are involved in mixed dating, the statistics would have a huge jump, since it has increased much faster as compared to the Black women dating white men statistics.

The statistics and the reasons why interracial dating is increasing:

  • 1. Absolute rise in the mixed dating.

  • 2. Most marriages take place among interracial and ethnic groups.

  • 3. The United States has the highest rate of InterMarriage.

  • 4. It is an antidote to personal prejudice to know an interracial couple.

  • 5. The mixed couples are models for appreciative, respectful relationships.
  • Interracial dating has become a trend now and would rule the world in the future soon.

Another thing that has encouraged interracial dating is due to the inception of the dedicated interracial dating websites where a lot of the population has tried it at least once. If you have not tried one of these yet, we suggest you give it a try, if you are interested in mixed dating. Explore this segment before getting hitched. Study blogs that would give you hints about what you are willing to get into.

Interracial dating has increased, but it still hasn't ended racism. While many claim to be open minded, there are a lot of challenges one has to face in a relationship of this sort. Not all the races look at the mixed dating the same way. Hence, study about the possibilities and challenges before you plan to move into one.

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